Kibana plugin generator

I downloaded kibana for development, and using yarn and the - node scripts/generate_plugin my_plugin_name
I made a plugin. The files are creates as index.ts and not .js. Is there a way to change to react and not typescript in the generation? also if I want to add a plugin from zip, how is this done in the dev kibana?

Hi, Kibana is moving to be fully typescript. In line with that, all newly generated files are using typescript. You can add the plugin from zip file by running
bin/kibana-plugin install file:///local/path/to/

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And is there any documentation and examples of plugins in typescript, I can only find in React and nearly no documentation?

You can have a look at some of our sample plugins, I believe most of them should be written using typescript.

I want to use the dropdown field like the search example plugin, to display the indexes that exist in kibana.

When I add the Index Pattern select const (last line of the picture), the kibana plugin loads with an empty page. I would love to see examples on how to develop this.

At the first glance, the code looks correct. Is data.ui initialized properly? Have you added data as a dependency to the json file of your plugin?

Data is added in the kibana.json, and used. You can see it in the const export a few lines above. Are there examples of using the select index pattern fields? or other ways

Would you mind opening the debugger / dev tools in your browser and sharing the error you see when trying to access your app?

When using the const line, the console looks fine with no errors:

but the browser opens with a blank page:

The problem was that under the application.tsx file, I didn't import the data object.
Thanks all!

I have the plugin working on the dev and version 7.9.3. As I said above, I am using the data plugin included in src/plugins/ data. When Installing the plugin on the version we use, 7.0.1, it is succesfully installing, but not displaying on the sidebar or through the link. I can see that there is no data src included in this version, is this the problem?

If so, what alternatives can I use?

Hi, What if we develop a plugin for a previous Kibana version (7.0.1)
Do we have any limitation for doing it because of the Kibana generator?

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The generator is here to help with things. You can still develop a plugin, but beware the architecture has changed a lot in between 7.0.1 -> 7.10.0 versions.

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