Kibana plugin search elastic

I am creating a plugin in Kibana 7.0.1, to search through api, with an http request through server.route.
In the new kibana plugins I can see:
indexPatterns={indexPattern ? [indexPattern] : undefined}

to enable the search bar. I also want the search bar, when I search, where can I add it. This is my code:

Check this example, it will help you on how to integrate TopNavMenu into your custom plugin

But thats the new Kibana, I am using Kibana 7.0.1, trying to integrate (firstly display) the search bar with the elastic search query.

We also have a very simple sample plugin using TopNavMenu here.

However, are you mentioned you're using 7.0.1? TopNavMenu was first introduced in it's current form in 7.5

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Exactly, I'm using kibana 7.0.1

Your code snippet is from a much later version.
Like I said, TopNavMenu was introduced in 7.5.
7.0 had an Angular directive for topNavMenu.

So I don't fully understand how what youre trying to do can work.

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