How to involve KQL search bar in Kibana Plugin

Are there any ways I can have this KQL search bar in my own plugin? By default, the plugin only contains the time filter on the right.

you can use, take a look at how discover, dashboard or visualize app do it.

Is SearchBar included in TopNavMenu? I searched SearchBar in Discover and Dashboard apps and couldn't find it. But I found this:, which looked like something related to SearchBar. Could you help me check this?

In your app.tsx file, simply enable the searchbar and the filters:

<navigation.ui.TopNavMenu appName={PLUGIN_ID} showSearchBar={true} showFilterBar={false} ....

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There is an example app for search here

It shows how to build an app with KQL search which uses data plugin to run searches.
A sample navbar usage is here

to run Kibana with examples plugins: yarn start --run-examples and you will see a Developer examples section in Kibana's navigation

Thanks! I have checked the search_examples you mentioned and successfully integrated the search bar into my plugin.

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