How to include Kibana Filter Bar in Custom Plugin?


I am developing a kibana plugin of my own. The filter bar is not included in my plugin. My understanding is that all kibana elements should be available by default such as query search bar and time picker. But the filter bar is missing. How can I manually include and integrate it with my plugin?

By filter bar I mean the red highlighted section in the picture below.


hi @tshoeb,

kudos for developing your own plugin.

As to your question, the filter-bar is not included by default for every plugin.

For some examples on bootstrapping the filter and query-bars, you could check the code of the Discover app:

From the screenshot, I see you are developing for a 5.x. Can you upgrade to 6.x? A lot of the Kibana internals are changing, and a lot of the code for 5.x is no longer current in Kibana.

Dear @thomasneirynck,

Thanks for your response. I am using 6.x, the screenshot was just taken from the internet for example.

I am new to this so can you further elaborate your answer about filter bar? Do I need to call it in my plugin controller file or the options controller file? or is it as simple as just putting the line const filterManager = Private(FilterManagerProvider); as shown in Discover app code in my plugin's main js file.

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