Kibana Plugins List

(Adam Whittaker) #1

Hello, is there a site / list any where that lists all of the Kibana 4 Plugins that are available..? I was hoping that someone had made some new visualizations :slightly_smiling:

(Mark Walkom) #2

Nope, but I raised an issue for us to add this to the docs -

(Adam Whittaker) #3

Thanks.. Any pointers of where to find any?

(Mark Walkom) #4

Google? :stuck_out_tongue: is one I directly know of.

(Adam Whittaker) #5

LOL.. i tried google - always brought up; how to make your own Kibana plugin :slight_smile: I am surprised by how little there seems to be out there considering how cool kibana is - I have made a lot for my own projects using d3 and just thought that others would have done the same for kibana. I want a sunburst chart :slightly_smiling:

(Mark Walkom) #6

If you write/find something please do post here so we can start tracking them!

(Konidala Satyanarayana) #7

what about timelion?

(Mark Walkom) #8

Heh, yep :slight_smile:

(Bergamoyat) #9

This is what i see now :

(Adam Whittaker) #10

I looked at this link the other day and was like finally ... i go back today and its gone :frowning:

(Mark Walkom) #11

Turns out we migrated this to

We'll add an announcement to this category and see if we can add in a redirect or something.

(Mark Walkom) #12

For anyone interested, here's the list of things from the old wiki page. Note that this does include plugins that aren't compatible with 5.X.

Packs (5.0+)

  • X-Pack - security, monitoring, reporting, alerts, graph


  • Sense - web-based console for interacting with the Elasticsearch REST API
  • Shield - kibana component to the elasticsearch shield plugin, adds security and a login screen
  • Timelion - time-series data composer for Kibana
  • LogTrail - View, analyze, search and tail log events in realtime with a developer/sysadmin friendly interface
  • Alert App for Elasticsearch (elasticfence)

Timelion Extensions

  • mathlion - enables equation parsing and advanced math under Timelion



(Viorel Rusu) #13

Hey @warkolm. How can I add my plugin to this list? I have been working on it in the last months. You can check it here if you want.

(Peter Pisljar) #14

you should open a PR against master and update this file.

then we'll backport that to 5.x branch.

(Viorel Rusu) #15

Thx @ppisljar. I will then

(Sundar) #16

Hi virusu,
its very nice. How is this possible?
How we create new thinks in Kibana.
How we can edit Kibana Source code?
Please guide me...


(system) #17