Kibana query string help please :(

I posted a thread last night lamenting my lack of knowledge on how to use the @ symbol in the Kibana query string. Since that time I have come to learn that I really don't understand the documentation for queries in general.

Here are two sample strings I am trying to search for and the two failed Kibana query strings to search for them. When I say "failed" I mean "The search returns no results". Can anyone tell me why each of the two examples don't work and how I should fix them?

STRING TO SEARCH FOR: <any 5 digits>@foo
EXAMPLE: 12345@foo

STRING TO SEARCH FOR: join<a bunch of stuff>roomToJoin=<a bunch of stuff><any 5 digits>
EXAMPLE: join?thisvalue=asdf&thatvalue=qwer&roomToJoin=zxcv&myID=12345
KIBANA QUERY STRING THAT DOES NOT WORK: /join.*roomToJoin=.*[0-9]{5}/

I've tried these in other editors that can read regex and they work. What's going on??

Hi Brandon,

I think you posted a similar question and one of the things I replied with was this link;

Please let me know if you still have questions.


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Thanks again, Lee. Yes you answered this in my prior thread.

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