Kibana query


I have a question about the query system.
It woks quite well, I can search what I want except that when I try to find a particular character from a query string (the single quote ' )

The query string is the follow:

clientIP:"" AND timestamp:"01/01/2016" AND status:"200" AND query:"'"

Simply I don't receive nothing back. I'm working whit elasticsearch as service so I can see if I'm placing a wrong request but nothing, everything seem legit.
I have also tried to use regex for the research and always nothing, it' like I'm placing an empty string on query (query:"") I receive back the same resoult of thise query

clientIP:"" AND timestamp:"01/01/2016" AND status:"200"

Also it is not a special character so I don't need any escape to find the sigle quote...

Any suggestion? Maybe is really stupid but I have no more ideas!


Can you share the mapping for the query field in your Elasticsearch index? Here's how to get the mapping for an index: Thanks!

Hi and many thanks for your reply.
I realize that the problem is the elasticsearch analyzer so I create a thread in the elasticsearch section (that is much more correct in my opinion):

many thanks and sorry for this thread.