Kibana Ratio

Quick question.
Say I have 100GB of data saved that I want to upload to Kibana. Does it mean I need to have 100 GB of storage on kibana? or would I need more or less?
Is there a ratio?


Hi ,
I think you are hinting at ES sizing. I think this would help you: . Elasticsearch makes things read only at 95% disk capacity (by default)


Thanks for the help, but what I meant is;
If I have 100GB of Logs that I want to send to Kibana, would Kibana require 100GB of free disk space to process those Logs or would it need more or less?
The 95%, does that mean if I have 100GB of Logs, I would need 105GB of free disk space in Kibana?

Some more explanation here : 0.95 * disk space = 100 = 105.26gb
it's not that simple though, You will want more disk space for growth, probably for performance. So you may want more there. I'm pretty sure spinny disks will degrade as they fill up. 100gb of raw logs won't be 100gb in elasticsearch. Indexing is all done in ES.

I will also ping kibana- operations colleague here : @jbudz in case you have more questions.


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