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We had a Region Map which shows how many calls are from different countries in specified interval of time , we were using Destination country code and Origination Country code to represent this data in Region Map Visualization. Now Region map is nowhere in 7.6.1 and instead we have Maps, maps supports data in the form of GeoJSON.
As of now we don't have the data in the from of GeoJSON. We have only country codes, is there any possible way to get geo-coordinates by using country codes ? from logstash or using any pipelines.

Seeking for your help !!


Hi @RamyaGowda
You don't have to add data in form of geojson. If you have country codes on your indexed documents you can add an EMS boundaries layer on Maps and use the layer configurator to join the country codes of the selected boundaries with the country codes of your layer:

See also:

Hi mark,

Many Thanks for your reply, I have followed the steps and able to create a Map using the data set what i have. But i am getting into an another issue , i have given the custom color for different ranges. Map looks good while editing but once after saving it and added to the dashboard it looks like all colors rules are vanished, everything is in dark black. Could you please help me if i am missing something important.

Attached are the screenshot

Thanks in Advance ,

Mmm, do you have a different filter/search/timerange on your current than the one applied when creating the visualization?
Could you please share the current configured ranges?

No , i cross checked it before posting here. Using same Time Range and same filters.
Yeah, attached is the screenshot of current configured ranges


Thanks ,

mmm, sadly you encountered the following bug, fixed in 7.6.2

Oho!! Okay, This will get fixed in 7.6.2. When is the new release.


It should be released relatively soon, unfortunately I don't have the exact date, but between this and next week probably

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Just wondering if there is an estimate on release date for this bug fix. Really looking forward to this for my covid-19 dashboard, but I can't share the latest maps to friends/family/co-workers until they display colored w/out having to edit the layer each time.

Hi @RamyaGowda and @LucidObscurity the 7.6.2 version is just released

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