Kibana region value is misspelt (SJÆLLAND NOT SJAÆLLAND)

The region name is spelt wrong in

This causes region map filter also to have wrong spelling and hence difficult to find the name.
Please let know the timeline of the fix for this.

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Thanks for reporting, I opened a bug report on your behalf here: [Maps] Region is misspelt SJÆLLAND NOT SJAÆLLAND · Issue #128721 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

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Thanks for reporting @Sinchana_P, this is a small typo coming from our original data source. You can check the wrong name property here.

We have fixed the issue but it needs a few steps in our review and publishing process to be live in production. Just bear with us a few more days but should be published soon!

We've released a new version for our datasets including this fix. Thanks again for reporting!

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