KIbana reporting problem

Hi Team,

I've problem when generating CSV report based on search result.
I've two Kibanas (7.8.0) connected to one Elasticsearch cluster so I've added the same xpack.reporting.encryptionKey in both instances as described in documentation.

Result of generating CSV report is below error:

Unable to generate report
Not Found :: {"path":"/_search/scroll","query":{},"body":"{\"scroll_id\":[\"FGluY2x1ZGVfY29udGV4dF91dWlkDnF1ZXJ5VGhlbkZldGNoBBRXZXF4Y25jQmNpWldkQ2ZrUklCOAAAAAAAAx0OFkM1aENSRkZPU0NTbTNiVlhkZ0xtOWcUVTFPeGNuY0JuUkVfTElrZlJJNXkAAAAAAA_MoBZucVNCZEFaTlNwcXNoVXJxd3plc2ZRFFYtcXhjbmNCY2laV2RDZmtSSUI3AAAAAAADHQwWQzVoQ1JGRk9TQ1NtM2JWWGRnTG05ZxRXT3F4Y25jQmNpWldkQ2ZrUklCNwAAAAAAAx0NFkM1aENSRkZPU0NTbTNiVlhkZ0xtOWc=\"]}","statusCode":404,"response":"{\"succeeded\":true,\"num_freed\":0}"}

Anyone can help ?

Thanks in advance !

Additionally what I've found - error occurs only if any fields are added to search view in Discovery. IFnot - report is generated successfully.
In Kibana 7.6.0 it looks similar, but if fields are added - no error is raised, but CSV report file is empty.


Hmm, it seems like you might be hitting this: [Reporting/CSV Generation] Do not try to clear the scroll context when the context timed out · Issue #48273 · elastic/kibana · GitHub but it should be fixed.

Hi Marius,

Thanks for your response.
Looks like should be, but doesn't work for me.
I've rechecked on KIbana 7.6.0 and Kibana 7.8.0 - confirming what I wrote previously.
Only difference between above versions is 7.6.0 generates empty file, while 7.8.0 raises error.
Of course it happens only when any fields are added to search view in Discovery.

Additionally - I've _source field storing disabled, but as far as I remember It's not required.


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