Kibana reports Shard Failures from external links

Version 4.3.1. Build 9517

I'm creating a link to kibana in a web app, when I click on the link invariably I get a weird "Shard Failure" error message with templates placeholders, which then refreshes to show the actual results I was expecting.

Here is a screenshot

Any ideas what is causing this?

Are there any javascript exceptions in your browser console when this occurs? Whenever the app crashes with template placeholders and such, it usually is the result of an uncaught exception.

No javascript errors in the console.
Also when the page auto refreshes and shows the correct data after showing this odd error momentarily

The page auto refreshes? Is it possible the page itself is not refreshing entirely, and the app is simply taking a few moments to fully load?

I click the link, the kibana web app shows the "Kibana is loading, gfive me a moment...", Then it loads with "No Results Found :frowning: "Shard Failures" , sometimes including placeholders {{likethis}}, not always the same ones. The kibana app then triggers another "searching..." , loads content again and shows the data I was expecting. When I said auto refresh I didnt mean a new page load.

That's really strange... what browser and OS are you using?

I know its strange, hence my post :wink:

Firefox 44.02 and ubunt 4.8.2-1 . Are you an engineer on kibana or ES?


I have no ideas at the moment for what could be causing this, but I'm going to play around with 4.3.1 and see if I can reproduce this. If you think of anything else that may be useful, no matter how trivial it may seem, please don't hesitate to post it. The more info the better!