Error and Warning messages

Is it possible to disable error/warning messages in kibana dashboards, or to somehow give a more generic error message?

I'm getting an error/warning "1 of 48 shards failed" and I was wondering if there is a way to make this information a little less intrusive.


Can you verify the shards?
curl -s http://localhost:9200/_cat/shards?pretty

You can also check the browser console: As the error shows up in Kibana and therefore in the browser, opening the browser console (F12) helps to show additional information. Inside the json-formatted response , failures are quite nicely listed for each shard. And more importantly: The reason why the shard(s) failed appears, too.

So the way to isolate this problem would be for you to figure out which visualization is giving you this error.

Can you please add your visualizations one by one and open your logs- both Kibana logs and dev browser logs and check if there are any error messages?

Also did you make sure - you checked if there were any reindexing needed to be done for your index pattern and saved objects to ensure they worked ok in previous version?

Unfortunately , at this point am not sure how to customize the error/warning message . Am tagging @timroes - when he has time, he will answer this question .


Hi André,

there is currently no way to hide or suppress shard errors in Kibana. I also don't think that we ever want that, since shard failures could basically lead to completely wrong data from what you're expecting, so it's important that the user is aware of that.

Since 7.4.0, the error message also got a bit more details and stating that this error means you could have incomplete data shown (you can see screenshots in

In general having shard errors is not a "okay I can ignore that" error, that should appear during normal usage. So if you're seeing shard errors, I would highly recommend digging into how those can happen. It could either be (as Rashmi pointed out), that your shards are unstable, and thus your Elasticsearch is not in a stable state, or you potentially have Scripted fields, that are broken and cause exceptions in some shards.

If you give more details about the shards that failed, we could help you with that. If you're running 7.4 or newer, you just need to check the "More details" button in that error and can copy the whole error here, before that, you need to open your browser console and look into the request that actually failed for the error.


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