I'm getting error of 'x of y shards failed' try to open in kibana visualization dashboard

Hi Team,

In my production environment kibana i am trying to open the kibana visualization dashboard , I'm getting error of '1 of 3 shards failed' in kibana UI right side corner.

could please help us how to trace this logs and how you can enable the logs
please provide where to find this issue ?

i already checked in my elasticserach and kibana logs ..no information found

Thanks in advance!!

You probably have too many shards per node. This is not a Kibana error, but rather an elasticsearch issue. You have failing or otherwise unavailable primary shards. May I suggest you look at the following resources about sizing:


Also for the logs, I would recommend you using ES slow log feature

You can set the time to 0 and get it to log every query. There are some config variables we can use to gain more control of log output. For posterity, here are some of the possible config values you could set, either in kibana.yml or via the command line when calling bin/kibana .

setting desc effect
logging.silent bool no output, don't even setup the logging output
logging.quiet bool Only log messages tagged with error or fatal tags, or errors caught by hapi
logging.verbose bool Log all the things, including information about system usage and every request
logging.events map of log types to the tags they should output. Supports * tag provides access to every possible combination of logging output filtering. Also can add support for custom loggers setup by plugins, etc.

once you set this, you can see the verbose logs.


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