Kibana dashboard shards failed

I am running an ELK cluster in I am having a problem in Kibana, visualization it's showing shards failed.
Visualization is been configured to show a field from my APM data.
I don't find any error msg from logs and How do I fix it or where can I see more info about this error?

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I don't think we are going to be familiar with the service from that company. But does it provide logs of Elasticsearch and Kibana that you can share?

My elastic cluster running with elastic cloud cluster.

I don't see any error msg in logs. I could see only 1 of 437 shards failed. when I open the Kibana dashboard or visualization.


I don't get any clue from the error my cluster is healthy, no error in index.

Ah ok, that's a different story!

In the Cloud deployment console you should have a section called Logs and metrics where you can see that.

Nope! logs show data only about snapshots.

Adding more info I am getting shard failed only when I try to visualize field as Metric using "avg" but not when I use it in a bucket.
Also, it's showing data only if I select the last 6 hours or more.

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