Kibana repository tag v6.6.1 code does not match with kibana 6.6.1 docker image

I've notice that the repo version 6.6.1 is not included in the docker image:

And if I do:

$ docker run -it ls -l node_modules/x-pack/plugins/security/public/views/login/components/login_page/
total 12
-rw-rw-r--. 1 kibana root  407 Feb 13 17:31 index.js
-rw-rw-r--. 1 kibana root 5904 Feb 13 17:31 login_page.js

seems that it's being generated from another branch/tag or source.

Any tip to find the correct one?

It should be the same. The difference is that the source you see in github isn't what ends up in our builds, or our Docker images. The ts and tsx file extensions indicate that these are Typescript files, which will not work with a Javascript interpreter, so we transpile that source to Javascript as part of the build process. You can run the build locally to verify this. We also remove all the test files from the build, so what you see is what I'd expect you would see:

  • index.ts becomes index.js
  • login_page.test.tsx is a test file, so it is removed
  • login_page.tsx becomes login_page.js
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Dumb me, I assumed they were different just because the filename was different.

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