How to build Kibana from Source

Hi, I recently switched from GA, your product is so nice. Thank you for the hard work.

Here is the issue with why I switched, my use case is not covered! haha, so here I am. I have a use case, I hope you can help. I am trying to due to previous comments having gone unanswered or not included in the roadmap. I am leaving this comment here. Hey, many people have asked this already, why is your team ignoring this request. Turn off Filters. I have now to ask you how do I build your software from source, since you are not able or willing to do it yourself.

I wish you, could spend the 5 minutes to add a checkbox, so when I share my dashboard, peepers cant see data I didnt want them to see.

Super simple. I am sure you understand. You are a data company. Right?

Thank you

I was able to build it, after making the changes I needed. What is a good image to deploy the binary to docker?

Thank you

Ok used node:latest, it spun right up.

Hi @Artur_Vieira,

Glad you figured that out! Usually you should use Node version mentioned here.

Since you're planning to use your own Docker image, you may find official Kibana Docker docs useful as well.

Let me know if I can help you with anything.


Hi, great documentation.

So I built it and everything, but there is no Elastic Search in the Management Window.
Official Distro

Built From Source

Everything works, I can do transactions in Dev Tools. GET POST etc... but no new index documents are available in Kibana.

I am building Elastic Search from source as well. Hopefully, there are similar patterns at work.

Thank you.

azasypkin you dont happen to know the reason for the different screens. I am using the kibana v6.4.0 tag for my builds. The top screenshot is the docker image you mentioned.

Built From Source

How and what exactly do you run? The difference I see in screenshots is that you're running OSS version of Kibana/Elasticsearch hence you don't have License Management, Reporting, Index Management etc...

Well, I just ran the build command for server and ui after bootstrapping the project. I am downloading the Java SDK, the problem probably is version incompatibility.

I see this in Kibana

In Elastic Search there are 5 records.

Do you really need to build ES from sources by the way? Can you just use ES snapshot via yarn es snapshot --license trial?

Shouldn't be a problem, it's really because Kibana has an UX issue in my use case. I wish I could turn off filters for visualizations and dashboards, only if it's an embedded report.

I cannot in the official version, so I had to make adjustments.

Like I said I bootstrapped the app, debugged and then built UI and Server. Now since there is incompatibility issues, I have to build ES from source as well.

I need something stable, so a snapshot might not be the best way to go.

Sorry, but it's still not clear to me what incompatibility issues you may have with ES if you just modified Kibana source? If you run yarn es from the KIbana source folder it should always fetch the compatible ES version.

Anyway, if you need help with that strange incompatibility issue just give more details and I can try to help.

Ok I will try the snapshot. Thank you.

I was able to launch it in a opensdk docker image, but I think I might be missing a port.

I am not seeing the Web Preview, localhost:9200 is not available.

Both ports 9200 and 9300 are open.

Oh it was a config issue.

Ok, I am now deploying to my cluster, and I am now running into this error. Any ideas?

A kubernetes config issue, needed more cpu at the beggining

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Ok, I was able to deploy Elastic Search and Kibana to production. However currently I am unable to setup the security. I am using the trial currently.

Here is the set up currently.
Elastic Search Config.


When I look at the logs this is the error.

I would like to have this set up as follows.

  1. I want to be able to login, via this Kibana screen.
  2. I need it to be served over HTTPS, ( the next part, I need to tackle basically ) Done!

I rebuilt the cluster and the error is no longer there. However the login page is also not there.

How do I set the Elastic Search and Kibana system, I can actually even specify just Kibana, the login screen. To require login.

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