How to build a docker image with kibana-docker and the kibana source code

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I noticed there are two repos in github for kibana.

I think the second repository are used to build docker mirrors from the first repository.

How should I build the image?


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I have found out.
It is simple.
just exec "make":sweat_smile:

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Another question.

To build a docker image, a zipped package is needed. for example,

How can i get the zipped file by kibana source code?

I have tried to execute "grunt release" to build. I donot know if this is right.

And unfortunately, I got a error at the "run:optimizeBuild" stage


Running "run:optimizeBuild" (run) task
Warning: non-zero exit code 1 Used --force, continuing.


Could anyone help me ?

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Hello, this is the guide on building the OS packages for Kibana:

If you don't want the headache and you don't have any customizations build in your own Kibana repo, you can just use our docker images which are listed here:

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