Custom Docker Image for custom Kibana Source


(Jagadeesh Kumar Ck) #1


I have a custom source code of kibana with lots of modifications and UI updates . I want to create a custom docker file to generate a build and copy my custom plugins to the build folder and make it ready for deployment in my AWS. can anyone help me how to write the docker file . I am really new to the docker

(Tyler Smalley) #2

Our Docker builds are created from here. In the coming months, this will be moved to the Kibana repository and will just be part of the normal build process.

(Jagadeesh Kumar Ck) #3

How can i route the process to my custom kibana source which is saved in my local machine
Is there any tutorial or docs available?

(Toby McLaughlin) #4

Which version of Kibana are you working on? We just replaced the build system in the master branch. Let me know which version you are working with and I'll put together a recipe that will work for you.

(Jagadeesh Kumar Ck) #5

I am working on Kibana 6.4.2

(Toby McLaughlin) #6

OK, cool. Here's what I did for version 6.4.4:

  • Cloned the Kibana repository to /home/jarpy/src/kibana
  • Checked out the 6.4 branch
  • Built Kibana with:
    • nvm install
    • nvm use
    • yarn kbn bootstrap
    • yarn build --skip-os-packages --release
  • Cloned the kibana-docker repository
  • Checked out the 6.4 branch
  • Built the images with: env ARTIFACTS_DIR=/home/jarpy/src/ ELASTIC_VERSION=6.4.4 make release-manager-release

(Jagadeesh Kumar Ck) #7

Thank you for the reply

Can you please help me how to write the docker file for this ?
Can you provide me a sample so that i can use it as a reference

(Toby McLaughlin) #8

You're welcome.

There's no need to write a Dockerfile. The build process I provided will generate it for you from the template.