Docker image of a Kibana plugin developped personnally

I developed a JavaScript plugin in the kibana source code, retrieved from github as a contributor.
Now I need to create a Docker image for kibana including the plugin that I developed, but I do not know how I can do that. Please can you tell me already is it possible to do that? if it's possible, please tell me how I can create a docker image with the plugin that I developed.

thanks in advance


I found this resource to be helpful for ES plugin docker image:
Am tagging my colleague @jarpywho has more knowledge on Docker to try n help you here.


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Hi Rashmi,

Thanks for your quick response and your help.

I read the blog and it's interesting. Though i'm looking for a solution to create a docker image for Kibana plugins, not for ES.


Hi Montasser,

Here is one more discuss post which has more depth about Kibana docker image...see if this helps ?


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