Best way to add Canvas to kibana:7.3.0 docker image

I would like to get information on the official kibana image on docker, and how best to add Canvas to it? Also, bonus for information about licensing and how that might relate to why it's not included. describes it, but doesn't say how to install it. mentions that it is in the basic plan as a free download, but when I click the download button it takes me to where it's not listed?

I made a brief gist of the docker-compose.yml and dockerfiles, so you can fork them and explain if desired, or I can remove the link if its not clean to link as such here (admin feel free)

As a side note, i did spin up an ubuntu docker container, and just manually installed elasticsearch and kibana, which did of course include Canvas. But this question evaded me and I'm sure others so I thought it would be nice to document it for the community :smile:

Hey @Evan_Something, if you use the image, you'll automatically get Canvas and the other x-pack features which are available with the basic (free) license:

My best guess it that the image that you're building from is the OSS image.

Well, look at that. I think because I started with the project, which does state on it's

The Docker images backing this stack include Stack Features (formerly X-Pack) with paid features enabled by default (see How to disable paid features to disable them). The trial license is valid for 30 days."

I assumed it should be in there, but it wasn't. And although I switched its Dockerfile's base image, I never re-ran docker-compose with a --build argument. Doing that just now, it appears the compose file I provided in the gist was actually fine.

Since this doesn't add much value, should I delete this post? @Brandon_Kobel

thanks for the reply!

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Since this doesn't add much value, should I delete this post? @Brandon_Kobel

Please don't! I think this post provides a lot of benefit to others who might be experiencing similar issues. I know I've forgotten to rebuild a docker image at least once before.

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