Docker Kibana 5 lacks x-pack?

According to the Docker image of Kibana:5 includes x-pack.

I accidentally built a container based on kibana:5 and installed x-pack manually. Comparing this with the stock kibana:5 shows x-pack in my image, and missing in the official image.

Is this a known bug? I cannot even see within the official Dockerfile where x-pack might be installed...

P.S. if I use my own image with x-pack, I cannot launch due to file permission problems.

Hi James,

Are you getting



Yes. It gets a little odd because if you pull kibana:5 you get the "official" image from Docker Inc. If you pull, you get the "official" image from Elastic, hosted on our dedicated registry.

Elastic's image comes with X-Pack, and is built with this Dockerfile.

I just verified OUR "super-extra-real-deal-official" 5.0.1 Kibana docker image DOES have x-pack installed. :wink:

I foresee a world of pain if you expect people to pull from your own repository.

I saw the "Pulling the image" page and did not click it as I naturally already knew how to pull the image just as I have always done so - by kibana:5. It did not cross my mind that it would instruct me to do anything differently!

The very best you can hope for is to patch their README with bold warnings that this repository is not the same as your own one.

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