Kibana OSS support for EC 5.6

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Hi Team,

We have configured ES 5.6 for our internal use and we are planning to run the kibana from a docker container.

While going through the documentation we can see that OSS is available only for 6.0.1.

Could you please let us know will this OSS image work with ES 5.6? Else please let us know where we can find a docker image without X Pack for ES 5.6

Please note that we are looking only for the option with out XPack

(Spencer Alger) #2

From the looks of it the 5.x docker images don't have oss builds, you're correct. I've reached out to @jarpy who is the primary contributor to to see if there are plans to create oss-specific images for 5.x. In the meantime, perhaps you could use that repo to figure out how to make your own Kibana-5.x-oss image. Will let you know when I hear back.

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We didn't ship the 5.X images as OSS only "flavours". You are welcome to either remove X-Pack, create your own image, or simply register for a free Basic license for X-Pack to get access to the features in there :slight_smile:

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@spalger, Thanks for the info. Unfortunately I was not able to find the step to build kibana from the

Could you please share me the steps to build docker images from it?

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@warkolm, Is that means we can compile the source code in github and use Kibana 6.0.x to see the content of ES 5.6?

Either way, could you please let me know how can we create docker image from the source code provided in git hub (

(Akash John) #6

Guys, Could you please share the steps to create builds from git bucket source code?

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