Latest download of Canvas for v6.6?

Hi I am trying to find the latest link for Canvas that works with Kibana v6.6 but the Getting Started page does not seem to have a link.

The latest version I could find was on the forums but that is for v6.4.1 of kibana not the latest release.

Kibana now comes bundled with Canvas, so there is no longer any plugin to install.

Thanks, so how can I host canvas on my on-prem datacenter?
Is there somewhere I can download an executable?
Is canvas closed-source?

If you have downloaded the default distribution of Kibana and Elasticsearch Canvas should already be installed.

I am using helm to install elastic-stack

Does it require a license? Or is it 100% free?

The default distribution is free, but may not be what the helm chart installs.

Strange, I am using

Which is the official image. Maybe it's just a setting I am missing.

Out wait.... just realized its the oss open source docker image.... so I guess Canvas is not free?

That is the oss distribution, not the default one. Just remove ‘-oss’ and you should get the default one. Note that this applies to both Kibana and Elasticsearch.

So Canvas requires a license?

When you start it a free basic license is generated. This does not expire or require registration.

Oh ok. This explained alot.... its not very transparent about what is commercial vs open source in the docs.

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