How to build docker images for logstash, kibana, elastic

i am trying to learn elastic, kibana, logstash. i have cloned source copies. what are the steps to build docker images, can someone point me to link/video which helps me in installing dependencies and build docker image

Hi Bala. I suggest starting with the "Installing the Elastic Stack" documentation. Follow the instructions for each component in the "Installation order". Each component's "install instructions" has a link to install the component using Docker.

Thanks Nick, i am trying to build from the repro which i cloned on my box. i was able to locate gradlew to build docker image for elastic. i am trying to locate how to build docker image from local kibanna and logstash repo

Hi Bala. We usually let our continuous integration build Docker images. It's not something I've ever tried on my own. That said, there is a .ci/ command in Kibana that might give you some success.

I have no idea how to build a Logstash Docker image. You should ask in the Logstash category.

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