Kibana Returns 200 But Browser Shows Not Ready

Hi, I have an Electron application that uses Kibana iframes in it. I am using a splash screen to wait for Kibana before showing my program interface, so that user will not see the "Kibana server not ready yet" text. I am trying to send GET request to "http://localhost:5601/status" to check if it returns 200 as status code. Doing this in a loop until I get 200 response and when I got the 200 code I close splash screen and show my program interface. However Kibana iframes still shows Kibana server not ready yet error. What is the reason behind this? Is there any other API URL that I can check to determine Kibana is completely ready? Please help

"kibana server not ready yet" is just displayed in development while kibana is optimizing or when Kibana is migrating its persisted state for an update. Once deployed, the kibana server will not need this start up process.

I use Kibana as a Windows service and I give the kibana.bat file as the service target. Everytime I close the my application I also close the Kibana service. Everytime I start the application I start the Kibana service that runs bat file. So I wait for kibana status page to return 200 as status code to HTTP get request. Right after obtaining 200 I am showing my interface and Kibana shows "kibana server not ready yet". Is it meaning that Kibana is returning 200 before the GUI is ready?

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