Kibana SAML Integration Icon issue


We are running an ES cluster in the Elastic Cloud, v7.9.2. I'm trying to get GSuite SAML up and running to be able to use SSO in Kibana. While I have figured out most of it, I'm struggling to add an icon to the login page. So this is what I'm currently seeing:

I have followed the documentation on this page, and at step 9 I provided the metadata as described (as a .zip bundle).

This is our current elasticsearch.yml config: 
  order: 2 
  attributes.principal: "nameid" 
  attributes.groups: "groups" 
  idp.metadata.path: "/app/config/saml/metadata.xml" 
  idp.entity_id: "" 
  sp.entity_id: "****" 
  sp.acs: "****/api/security/v1/saml"
  sp.logout: "****/logout"

I figured this is also how one should provide the custom icon? Meaning I could put the icon in the same .zip file as the provided metadata.xml file. For example if I zip two folders:

And at last provide this path in the kibana.yml
    order: 0
    realm: gsuite
    description: "Sign in with Google SSO"
    hint: "Unauthorized access will be reported and prosecuted"
    icon: "/app/config/icon/gicon.svg"

But this doesn't work, what am I doing wrong?

Greetings from
Adrian Moen

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