Kibana SavedObject API

I am able to use SavedObject API ( via http POST in local elastic search by using localhost 5601.

However, in cloud Elastic Search there is https and username/password. How to pass this along in the POST?

I know you can pass in -u parameters in CURL. How to do this in a http post (in Java)? is there a Java API for Kibana?


I don't believe we have a Java API for Kibana, how about using HttpURLConnection in Java to do the request?


So I am following the example here for

This CURL command below does work for my local kibana, it created a index pattern for me:

curl -X POST "http://localhost:5601/api/saved_objects/index-pattern/my-pattern" -H 'kbn-xsrf: true' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d'
"attributes": {
"title": "my-pattern-*"
So I substituted the url http://localhost:5601 with my Cloud Kibana url, and try passing credentials along with -u username:password, but it didn't work, it didn't create an index on my kibana cloud. I am getting

curl: (52) Empty reply from server

So my question is... does the Kibana SavedObject API work for the cloud version? if so how to pass the credentials?

@Joseph_Mak Kibana's saved object API does work for the cloud version. If you're using cURL to do so, you use the same -u username:password flag which you do locally. You can use the -I flag with curl to get additional information, which might be helpful in your situation.

Thank you... so my solution (java) is:

		String encoding = Base64.getEncoder().encodeToString((user + ":" + password).getBytes());
		HttpPost request = new HttpPost(<my https kibana url>);
		request.setHeader(HttpHeaders.AUTHORIZATION, "Basic " + encoding);
		String payload = <my json>
		StringEntity entity = new StringEntity(payload, ContentType.APPLICATION_JSON);

		HttpResponse response = httpClient.execute(request)

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