Kibana saving visualizations twice

So I am having an issue with Kibana, when trying to create visualizations, it tells me that it timed out after 30k ms and then about 2-3 minutes later in the visualizations tab I see the visualization twice.

Looking at the .kibana index for the time this event occurred I can see two times that it appears that it made the call at 13:31 and 13:31:30

Looking at the .kibana Index I don't see anything out of the ordinary

This is the current cluster setup, the Kibana instance is co-located with elastic-client-1 and points to it.

Elastic Version: 5.6.0
Kibana Version: 5.6.2

Querying does not cause a timeout, it seems that only saving visualizations causes timeouts. I even upgraded the instance that Kibana and the client node were on, to improve the networking, and I am encountering the same problem.

Hey @Wes_F have you checked your Elasticsearch logs to see if they offer any hint to why the save operation is sometimes taking longer than 30s? Do you have other shards on the same node as .kibana and are they seeing the same behavior with long index times?

So inspecting the index, it looks as though it had 0 replications and was also on a refresh interval of -1. After setting the refresh interval to 1s, the visualizations no longer timed out. My bad...

Thanks for your help!


@Wes_F I'm glad to hear you were able to figure out the issue, and thanks for sharing the solution here.

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