Kibana script field still Loading to save, cannot create and update scripted field index pattern

Hello all, i am using kibana 7.5 and elastic 7.5.

I am trying to update scripted filed in kibana, but when i click save field button it loading and not finished, then i try to create new scripted field but its meet same problem cant save field and still loading. i have check my internet connection but its not have problem.


its stiill loading. any one had same problem with me? or how to slove its? thanks before...

Check if function used in scripted field is not deprecated

its happen to all scripted field. even i just create a scripted field to just return number like

return 123;

its cant to create and still spining when i save.

i had browsing and found another had this problem when the setting "read_only_allow_delete" was "true" . but i check my index setting using "GET_all/_settings "and didnt found that.

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