Disappearing scripted field in Kibana

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I created a scripted field in Kibana for timestamp conversion from Epoch to Epoch_MS, Each time I'm closing the tab, all the scripted fields getting disappeared. !

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If you are creating the scripted field in one browser tab and then swapping to a different browser tab to see how its working - its likely that your second tab will not have the newly created scripted field.

You need to hit F5 on all tabs that where loaded before you created your scripted field. Basically it only loads the scripted field information when kibana loads for the first time.

Hope that helps

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It's not like that happening to me. If I create a scripted field it is existing till closing the tab. I created scripted filed yesterday and, stopped working, and When I started today, all the scripted fields are missing. but the visualization created is there. it seems like my scripted filed getting deleted/hidden when I'm closing the particular tab.

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Just to be sure -- you are talking about the creation of a scripted index field in kibana ( i.e. you created the scripted field in Management --> Index Patterns --> Scripted fields in Kibana).

Assuming you are, the scripted field you created gets persistently saved with the index pattern in the .kibana index. You should be able to see it by running the below in the dev_tools console - this will list all the index patterns you have configured.

GET /.kibana/_search?q=type:index-pattern

Its saved in a long string field, but you should be able to see the scripted field in there.

As you would have guessed if you delete the index pattern and recreate it the the scripted fields will be lost - could that be what is happening?

I just created a scripted field on my 6.2.1 cluster - and its still there after 30 minutes - so I don't think its a bug.

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