Scripted Field Disappearing when refreshed

I created a scripted field and used it to create a new visualization and new dashboard. It appears at first, but if I refresh the browser, the values no longer appear. The name is still there, but with no values in the dashboard. I saw this was a common problem, but there did not appear to be an apparent solution in any of the threads. How can I fix this?

Hi Meredith, what version of Kibana are you using? We had a bug around index pattern settings (including scripted fields) disappearing with concurrent users/tabs that was fixed in 6.4.

If your issue is what I think it is, please close all open Kibana windows or tabs (including those in use by other team members, if any). Open a new Kibana tab, and add the scripted field in Index Pattern. Refresh the page and verify that the scripted field still exists in Index Pattern. Opening new tabs of Kibana should then have the field as well.

Hi Jen,
I have Version: 6.3.1. Do I need to upgrade then in order to proceed? Thanks!

Upgrading would definitely be preferred instead of having to do the workaround above every time :slight_smile:

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