Kibana Search on field endTime not working

Hi gang,

Trying to identify documents that have a time field called "endTime" >= future times..... since this field is a UTC Time field, some may, and do have 'Future' dates and those are what I want to see (as well as systems with misconfigured NTP settings). How is this accomplished? Here is one of the queries that i have unsuccessfully tried:
Lucene: endTime=>"Feb 23, 2023 @ 11:34:00.000"
I have also tried various regexp attempts as well.



Hi @garmy and welcome to the community!

Querying dates can be confusing sometimes.

What does the mapping for endTime look like?
Are you querying through kibana or via the API?

Try this in Kibana and see what returns:
endTime >= "2023-02-23T11:34:00.000Z"

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