Kibana Security Roles

I am currently using the Sample data ingested into a locally hosted elastic/kibana setup so I have indexes for flight data, log data and eCommerce data

I am wanting to set up a new Security role and user so that the user can only see the flights data (and for only one of the carriers "Kibana Airlines"

I have created a user and assinged a new role setup as below which seems to work mostly

Looking at the pre supplied Flights dashboard I can see I only get the data for the carrier in question

Q1 - When I go to the discover section I notice I can list all indexes is there any wauy of limiting this list to only show those granted in the security roles - see below


Q2 is there any way of disabling the management cog

Hey @j_a_griffiths,

There isn't a direct way to do this today, as the indices you're seeing are actually Kibana Index Patterns, as opposed to the underlying Elasticsearch indices. (Hopefully) you'll notice that selecting the other index patterns will yield no results for users assigned the JetBeats role.

As a potential workaround, you could create a dedicated Space for the "JetBeats" role, which only contains the kibana_sample_data_flights index pattern, and no others. Then you can update the "JetBeats" role to only have access to this new space, instead of having access to the Default space.

Not yet, but believe me we want to make this happen! Follow and for our progress on this enhancement.

Thanks will give it a go

worked a treat - thanks

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