Kibana server is not ready yet

Hi, i'am tring to conifg Elastic Stack 7.16.2 with a windows server.

My configs:




When i try to acess Kibana, is show the message at the browser

Security protocols are not configured as it is a PoC.

Hi @juliano.maciel,

Elasticsearch by default runs on :9200 port and Kibana runs on port :5601.

Just a suggestion. Can you update your Elasticsearch.yml and Kibana.yml files to those respective ports, restart your Elasticsearch and kibana services and check again?

Please lemme know if you can get the Kibana dashboard atleast after that.

Hi, @hitnalli_praveen , i'am change the ports as they may be using an no production server I have some infrastructure limitations in the IT sector and allowed me access through these ports. I will check the possibility of releasing the default ports, but the policy should be applied tonight.

Hi @juliano.maciel ,

Well, I get your point now. So if I understand your point correctly, you are hosting Elastic and Kibana on Production server ? If server is related to linux OS, by default ports :9200 and :5601 would be blocked due to firewall.

Ya, may be once policy is applied you can give it a shot.

Anyway, please keep me posted even after you get the solutions.

I had faced exact issue what you are facing now. But my condition to trigger that issue of 'Kibana server not yet ready' due to some other issues.

I want to hear in your case what was the issue and what solved for you :slight_smile:

Hey @hitnalli_praveen , I found the solution, I stopped all windows services, Elasticsearch, apm-server and kibana, deleted the default node folder ..\Elastic Stack 7.16.2\Elasticsearch-7.16.2\data\nodes, and restarted the services.
For some reason when consulting Elasticsearch health check its status was red with several unassigned shards

@juliano.maciel ,

Great to hear that you could find the solution.

Ok, restarting the services basically helped here.

Thanks for letting know me your solution.

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