Kibana setting "week start" should perhaps control the date picker view also


Kibana 6.8.2

In kibana settings, we have this option to change the day when week starts. Default is Sunday.
In our country, this setting differs, so I have changed it to Monday.


Wouldn't it be nice, if this setting also transfers to date picker..?

At the moment it still shows me like week starts from Sunday.

In my opinion this setting should control the date picker week start also. So in that case, it would show Monday as a first day instead of Sunday.

Also, this date picker is present on multiple pages (discover, visualize, dashboard, timelion, monitoring, .. etc), so if this change request (or perhaps it is a bug?, I do not know that, so I did not open a bug request from github) is happening, then would be nice if this behavior changes everywhere where this date picker resides.


Hi, thanks for your request.
That is solved for sure since version 7.0 where we introduced the new time picker.
Unfortunately we are not maintaining a updating older versions with new features.

Oh, ok, good to know..:slight_smile:

We are upgrading to version 7 next month anyways, so not a problem updating older versions.



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