Kibana Time picker

hello guys , so i was wondering is there a way to customize the predefined values in the time picker and add Monday of every week , i mean i want it to be dynamic so that when the user clic on Monday it will return the data corresponding to Monday of that week .

kibana version 7.4.0



you can configure the time ranges that are available in the timepicker via Management > Advanced Settings > Time picker defaults.

For achieving your Monday only view, you can use the following time ranges:

from: now/w to: now/w+1d

which will refer to the current time, “rounded” to the week (start of the week), and then just add 1d for the to range, and you should get the desired result.


@timroes i've tried it and it works but it's giving me the whole week !! thank you

@timroes , hi how are you , sorry for disturbing you but i've been stuck here and i was wondering , from your point of view is it possible to show every day of a week dynamically or am i doing something wrong because i've tried a lot and nothing happens.

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