Kibana Setup with ElasticSeach Cluster - ELB or Client Node?

Had posted this incorrectly in the elasticsearch forums.

Hello - as part of my continuous learning on setting up an AWS EC2 based architecture of my Kibana Stack with ElasticSearch, on trawling forums I've come to understand there are TWO approaches:

  • Front the entire ES cluster with an Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) and in the Kibana YML
    elasticsearch.url: "https://<your_elasticsearch_host>.com:9200"

  • Setup a Client Node on the Kibana EC2 Instance and point the Kibana YML elasticsearch endpoint to this client node and let client node take care of the load balancing.

Which of these two are recommended approach? Pitfalls in each would help!

I would recommend the second approach of using an ES coordinating node on the same instance as Kibana until is completed.

When setting up the ES node, ensure that it's a coordinating only node. This allows you to independently scale the ES cluster separate from Kibana.

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