Kibana Shows: kibana Request Timeout after 3000ms

(Tony Phillips - 4 AT&T) #1

kibana Request Timeout after 3000ms

Kibana is in RED Status and shows a message that the Kibana Request Timeout after 3000ms.

We set the following timeout values in the Kbana yaml and are still seeing the message:

requestTimeout: 3000000
pingTimeout: 3000000
startupTimeout: 300000

AS you can see, those values are 3000000ms NOT 3000ms. Its as if Kibana is ignoring the timeout values. Is there another way to increase Kibana Request Timeout?

(Joe Fleming) #2

Nope. The one you're seeing should be the result of the pingTimeout value.

Are you restarting Kibana when you change those values?

Also, silly question perhaps, but are you sure you're adjusting the right config file? Is it possible that you've installed Kibana via a package manager but are modifying the kibana.yml of a version you downloaded instead, as one example?

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