Kibana - Splitting series by field names

I was hoping to find a way to split a series by field names (and not values of a particular field) in kibana

I have a data set that looks like below:

{ { date: 24/06/2021, foo: 12, bar: 20}, { date: 24/06/2021, foo: 16, bar: 20}, { date: 25/06/2021, foo: 16, bar: 20}, { date: 25/06/2021, foo: 16, bar: 20} }

I was hoping to see something like this:

  1. Date on the x-axis and
  2. the average of 'foo' for that date as one point and average of 'bar' as another point on a timeseries line chart. (essentially having field values of the same document as different series(es))

Is this possible?

Context: I am importing the document from a csv and the field names ('foo' and 'bar') are columns in the csv. I have managed to get what I need by adding a 'type' column on the csv and setting its values to be 'foo' and 'bar'

example: { { date: 24/06/2021, val: 12, type: foo}, { date: 24/06/2021, val: 20, type: bar} ... }

and splitting the series by the 'type' field, but I wanted to know if there was a way to create the chart without having to edit the csv.

This is absolutely possible in Kibana. Check out this tutorial ("Monitor multiple series within a date histogram"): Time series analysis with Lens | Kibana Guide [7.13] | Elastic

It's explaining the concept with different series for various percentiles of the same data, but you can also create multiple metrics on the y axis based on different fields.

Thanks for the response @flash1293 , I'll try and update the thread.

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