Split Series by Array Values (instead of whole Array)

Guess I have timeseries data roughly like this (four examples):

timestamp: 1
systems: [A, C]
value: 10

timestamp: 1
systems: [A, B]
value: 9

timestamp: 2
systems: [A]
value: 12

timestamp: 2
systems: [B, C]
value: 15

Now I want to use Kibana to plot a graph, which shows the average by bucket and is splitted by each single value of systems. But when I try to split a series by "Terms" on the field "systems", it will plot four series. One for each array:

  • [A,C]
  • [A,B]
  • [A]
  • [B,C]

But I want just three series, one for each "system":

  • A
  • B
  • C

Is that possible with Kibana?

The desired behavior you describe should be how Kibana works by default. It sounds to me like the systems field may not contain actual arrays, but instead literal strings like "[A, B]"

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