Kibana' Stack Monitoring is missing Logstash instance(s)

Hello World!

I updated my Elastic stack from 7.17.7 release to 7.17.8, and now Kibana's monitoring app is missing the "Logstash" instance(s).

I checked all the settings, and I didn't find any mistakes. I then double-checked it using "log.level: debug" and I did not see any errors; Logstash instance can connect to Elasticsearch (management and monitoring), and yet, as I mentioned not appearing in the Kibana monitoring app, however, Elasticsearch and Kibana appear in the list just fine..

logstash | [2022-12-12T14:43:12,444][INFO ][logstash.monitoring.internalpipelinesource] Monitoring License OK
logstash | [2022-12-12T14:43:12,444][INFO ][logstash.monitoring.internalpipelinesource] Validated license for monitoring. Enabling monitoring pipeline.


logstash | [2022-12-13T02:17:38,074][DEBUG][org.apache.http.wire     ][.monitoring-logstash][d1e3b594034bc065d85e72c733b8b7445414ff8aa6b2c486b32e5939f094164c] http-outgoing-3 << "HTTP/1.1 200 OK[\r][\n]"

Please advise)
Thanks in advance!

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Do you see logstash monitoring index under your index management?


@bhavyarm - negative, I assume if the indices were there, Kibana would have display the Logstash section, I do have these though:

green open .monitoring-es-7-mb-2022.12.21     GKzgozAgQoGpNLjkmKsGVQ 1 1 12683856   0 23.6gb  11.8gb
green open .monitoring-es-7-mb-2022.12.22     R0pzAgk0TzmpIAUEDMM2VQ 1 1  7197644   0 13.3gb   6.6gb
green open .monitoring-kibana-7-mb-2022.12.16 Mik9yeyzSnaNoc1Hhkacyw 1 1    51840   0   70mb    35mb
green open .monitoring-es-7-mb-2022.12.20     3GFTSyw2SfKmTztU89xzSA 1 1 12548354   0 23.5gb  11.7gb
green open .monitoring-kibana-7-mb-2022.12.17 cy5iOV7ZR8ahOtDYc9JdcQ 1 1    51840   0 50.5mb  21.6mb
green open .monitoring-kibana-7-mb-2022.12.21 _2t5LnIeT6OM7VR8YHxEJw 1 1    51840   0 56.5mb  28.3mb
green open .monitoring-kibana-7-mb-2022.12.22 UcL3HY4USIyOjubQpCKnqQ 1 1    29050   0 33.7mb  16.7mb
green open .monitoring-es-7-mb-2022.12.18     5UrmCwiQTBurph4yp2-rzQ 1 1 12256338   0 23.2gb  11.6gb
green open .monitoring-es-7-mb-2022.12.19     Y8lOnUoATCuLaT8GRVyDIQ 1 1 12559353   0 23.4gb  11.7gb
green open .monitoring-es-7-mb-2022.12.16     R4RCqu1uQladHeKTyuzG-A 1 1 11934084   0 22.5gb  11.2gb
green open .monitoring-kibana-7-mb-2022.12.20 bwGazJUOQAuUf7j7fZkgzw 1 1    51840   0 41.2mb  20.6mb
green open .monitoring-es-7-mb-2022.12.17     QWJ49cecQu2yLoKjfmWRpw 1 1 12500221   0   23gb  11.5gb
green open .monitoring-alerts-7               Ry5h1MOhRVSCuAGvfl0NfQ 1 1     7010 661  1.3mb 690.8kb
green open .monitoring-kibana-7-mb-2022.12.18 GEeR4hhBSYy4EZCvcHJ0sg 1 1    51466   0 50.5mb  19.7mb
green open .monitoring-kibana-7-mb-2022.12.19 jsNL7tijRKmf0bQKt6LQQA 1 1    51840   0 41.5mb  20.7mb

Can you tell us more about how you're running your setup?
Are you using Internal Collection or Metricbeat collection? Can you share your Logstash (and Metricbeat if you're using that) configs (please remove any sensitive data before)?

The fact that you don't have any indices for Logstash tells me something is wrong with either the connection to the monitoring cluster or with the metrics collection. If you're using Metricbeat, errors will be sent to the metricbeat-* index so you can check there if you have any errors from collecting the metrics.

hello, @miltonhultgren

The internal monitoring has been deprecated since 7.16, and I am using latest 7.17 branch with Metricbeat...

After digging around some more, I believe I have found the issue :wink: Turns out the Logstash metrics settings were not updated as the rest of the stack, and that's why Logstash instances aren't appearing in the Monitoring app of Kibana.

I just updated and now the Logstash instances are appearing in Kibana' monitoring app!

Thanks for everything)

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