Kibana - strange behavior using search on long field


I am using an Elastic+Logstash+kibana 7.12 stack.

And I get a very strange behavior.

I send log files using filebeat to logstash.
Log files contain lines in json format.
logstash parses them using the std json filter and send them to elastic.
When I search in the kibana Discover tool, I got very strange things.

Searching on field named trace.requestID (number long) putting this in kibana KQL filter:
trace.requestId : 20213800080838954

(this is the real value I can see in log files)

I get these documents:
|Sep 20, 2021 @ 14:49:15.000|20213800080838952|
|Sep 20, 2021 @ 14:49:15.000|20213800080838952|
|Sep 20, 2021 @ 14:49:15.000|20213800080838952|

And if I open them, I see same value in "Table" pane but in JSON, I get this:
"trace.requestId": [

I copied/pasted the kibana search from the inspect panel and re-did it in the Dev Tool, and there I am getting the right value. I guess it means the douments are okay in Elastic (which is reassuring in itself).

Any help welcome to explain what is happening.

Thank you in advance for your help.

screenshots to demo the problem.

Searching in kibana:

Opening the document and switching to JSON:

Hi @JimJ ,

Can you confirm that you see in the Inspect Statistics tab 3 Hits?
Also, when executing the query in DevTools, if you change the track_total_hits value to true, do you get the of 1 or 3?

hi Marco,

I see 3 in both Inspect Statistics tab Hits and in in DevTools.

If you show the _id in Discover, can you see 3 distinct ids for the documents or the same one?

If there are 3 distinct _ids you have probably 3 documents with the same trace.requestId value stored.

hi @Marco_Liberati

Yes, I have 3 documents with trace.requestId : 20213800080838954.

My question is: why the Kibana Discover interface displays this values:

|Sep 20, 2021 @ 14:49:15.000|U15BA3wBaAGIOcErCZjU|20213800080838952|
|Sep 20, 2021 @ 14:49:15.000|Ul5BA3wBaAGIOcErCZjT|20213800080838952|
|Sep 20, 2021 @ 14:49:15.000|VF5BA3wBaAGIOcErCZjV|20213800080838952|

And if I expand the documents and go to the JSON tab, I see this value:

"trace.requestId": [

So, data are okay in Elastic but Kibana Discover displays something completely wrong.

To summarize,
real value is trace.requestId : 20213800080838954
values displayed in Discover is trace.requestId : 20213800080838952
values displayed in expanded Table tab is trace.requestId : 20213800080838952
values displayed in expanded JSON tab is trace.requestId : 20213800080838950

Small additional info

I opened Kibana in Firefox, Chrome, Edge, same behavior.
And nothing special in the browser's console.

And it is the same for almost all the documents: the values displayed in Discover do not correspond to the values in the real documents.

Do you thing it will help if I attached the 3 small documents I used as example to this discussion ?

Sorry, now I understand the real issue here.

In your screenshot you searched for ****4 but Discover is showing you something ****2 and opening the Table/JSON renderer it shows ****0.
I didn't spot the last digit there as they differ.

This is a known issue with Discover and other Kibana apps. You can track the progress of the issue here:

Thank's Marco.

So, immediate solution is to switch from a long int to a string if JS does not support 64bit int.

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