Kibana timelion dark theme big white box by legend labels 6.6.0


UPDATE: See post 4 below.

I just upgraded my stack to 6.6.0. When using Kibana, I typically have most of my dashboards using dark theme. I just noticed after the upgrade that every timelion visualization on my dashboard now has a big white rectangle close to the legend labels. I haven't seen anything about this, but can't figure if its just something unique to me. Thoughts?

I should add that when I turn dark theme off, it goes away. When I hover over the labels and select them, it modifies the lenfth of the box.

UPDATE: It definitely appears to move around with the legend "box" so to speak.


@Joe_Fleming you seem to be the Kibana go-to guy, thoughts?


I guess does ANYONE who sees this post have 6.6.0 installed with dark theme on a dashboard with a timelion plot/legend? Anyone else seeing this? Any input is appreciated.


As an update, one of our developers at work found the issue. It is browser specific. It does the above issue in both Chrome and Safari, but works as expected in Firefox. He said something about "inherited classes scheme" being off. It's literally the background color for the legend. Via inspect elements in Firefox, background color passed in shows as #54 #54 #54 (which is correct). For some reason in Chrome it's being passed #255 #255 #255, hence why it's showing as white. I'm unsure how to write this up in Github otherwise I would. Could someone pass the info along.

@Joe_Fleming just because I mentioned you before :slight_smile:

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If you go here - - and pick Bug Report, you should be able to fill out most of the blanks :slight_smile:

(And it'd be really appreciated!)

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Interesting that I come as the go-to Kibana guy. :wink:

Anyway, as Mark said, it's important that we track these things in issues on Github. There were some style changes that went into 6.6 in preparation for changes coming in 7.0, and this is almost certainly an oversight somewhere. I was seeing weird font rendering issues myself in Chrome, and that eventually got fixed. But the team working on this need to know there's an issue in order to fix it.

It looks like this specific issue has been pointed out in That's what you'll want to watch, and feel free to drop your own screenshots in there about the legend issue if you'd like.

UPDATE: Looks like that's going to get fixed in That's only marked as 7.0 though, so it may be worth chiming in on that PR to ask if it's going to end up being backported to 6.6 or some other 6.x version.

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