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I've been having an issue regarding kibana (both 5.6.4 and 6.1.3)

I noticed that when you add Timelion visualizations with different intervals and add them to the dashboard, the interval assigned in the timelion graph doesn't apply (need to refresh the page 3-4 times for it to magically appear).

I've tried different browsers (Chrome, Explorer 11, and Edge) same issue (different pcs as well nothing changes).

I.e. The bottom picture have 10 minute and 15 min interval. When i first load the dashboard with these two graphs i get the below graph (both look like they took the 15 min interval)

After refreshing the page 3-4 times i get the correct:

This is really annoying as i have a dashboard with around 10 timelion graphs and this behavior is causing some graphs to show blank.

Any idea regarding this issue?


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This sounds like a real bug to me. I have created a Kibana Github issue for you. You can follow the issue and feel free to add any comments to add more details on your issue. https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/16760

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thanks Bill

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