Timelion Delayed Visuals


When I am trying to visualize a time series using Time Lion, the data I receive doesn't appear in the visualization until about 7 minutes later on the graph. Is there a way to fix this issue? I am trying to display data as soon as my Elastic Search Receives it.

Thank you,

Hi there, in Kibana 6.x you can change the refresh interval to be faster:


In Kibana 7.x the UI looks a bit different but it offers the same functionality:


Hi Cjcenizal,

Thanks for the information! While I did try the refresh rate, it still seems that when data comes in, for example, at 9:18:00, the timelion visualization will only show up to 9:17:00 roughly. I see the data come in the Discover tab, but it doesn't seem to appear onto Timelion until a little bit later.

Is there delay between sending the data to the visualization?


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