Timelion gives different result when it auto refreshes


I have a Timelion visualization which works fine with auto refresh when i set it to 4 hours. When I set the timeframe to Today So far, when it refreshes the timelion graph, it comes up with different graphs which isnt correct. See the gif here how it looks.

My timelion expression looks like this:

.es(offset=-1w, index="servicedata*",timefield="datum").label("Vorige Week").lines(fill=1,width=0.5).color(gray), .es(index="servicedata*",timefield="datum").label("Vandaag").color(#1E90FF).legend(columns=3, position=nw)

I am running on Cloud.es.io 6.4.2

Hi Hugo,

Have you customized the elasticsearch.shardTimeout in your kibana.yml file? We have received reports of inconsistent charts when this setting is 0. https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/23428

Setting it the default (30000) appears to fix the issue.

Hi Nick,

That seems to be my issue. The only problem is that I am using cloud.elastic.co and in advanced settings there is no shardTimeout setting so I think I'll have to raise an issue with a link to the bug.

Thanks for the quick response though!

best regards,

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