Timelion graph looks totally different when editing vs in a dashboard

here is my expression
(.es(index=myindex*,metric=avg:time,split=myfield:10)).points().label(regex='.myfield:(.) >.*?$',label='mytimemetric $1')

This is what I see when I am editing it:

This is what I see when it is in my dashboard:

Its like the scale in the dashboard doesn't go high enough? Why are these two views so different?


I do see something strange about Timelion charts being used in a dashboard. In Timelion I can select both the timespan and the interval. I saved the same Timelion chart once with a 1m interval and again with a 1s interval and then added them both to a new dashboard. Watch what happens. The Timelion-1m looks correct, but when I add Timelion-1s it also looks correct, but it changed Timelion-1m to use the same 1 second interval.

I'll need to investigate more. There might be a bug.


Thanks for taking time to look into it. I'm still confused about the scale though, why is my y axis in the dashboard not go all the way up?

I'm thinking the difference in scale is because you're graphing an avg and if the interval in the dashboard than the interval in Timelion than the average will be lower (your peak value will get averaged with more lower values).

I filed this issue for the problem I saw;

But I don't know if it's causing your problem. What version of Kibana are you using?
And are there other visualizations in your dashboard?
If there are, could you please try creating a new dashboard and just adding this one Timelion visualization to it?
What is the interval you have set (to the far right of the Timelion expression) when you saved it?


Weirdly I created a brand new dashboard and now it looks the same as when editing the timelion visualization. Not sure what happened, thanks for the help!

Spoke to soon this is still happening.

Again seems to be a scaling issue with the y axis that is different in the editing pane than the dashboard pane. If I create a new dashboard and add the visualization by itself it works, but when I add other things like pie charts it seems to change

Yep, I think that's being caused by the issue I filed. If you have a github account you could add a comment to that issue and/or just subscribe to get updates on it.

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