Kibana to Production using Elasticsearch client node

Hi Team,

I'm going through the below link.

I'm not getting the below section, what values should be put if I have 3 master nodes and 3 data nodes. localhost
http.port: 9200

by default refers to
transport.tcp.port: 9300 - 9400


If you're setting up a coordinating node, it shouldn't matter how many master or data nodes you have. The purpose of the coordinating node is to live on the same machine as the Kibana server to distribute the requests to the cluster. The setup of the coordinating node should be the same as the rest of the nodes on the network expect that it shouldn't be a master, data or ingest node. This is accomplished by disabling those in the config:

node.master: false false
node.ingest: false

As long as the matches the rest of your cluster, it's on the same network and can reach the rest of the nodes in the cluster it should automatically join the existing cluster.

Thanks Tyler for the quick reply.

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