Kibana too many docvalue_fields issue

I'm getting too many docvalue_fields error in Kibana.

PUT /index_name_log-*/_settings
	"index.max_docvalue_fields_search" : "10000000"

by this way we can increase limit, but

  1. can I know which log line causing this issue ?
  2. What is the side effects of increasing this Limit ?
  3. Any suggestion ....!

please help me.
Thanks in advance.

That is the whole index that is causing it, as docvalue_fields is a map of all the fields in your index. I assume your data is very sparse and you have way too many fields.
You can read more about them in the Elasticsearch documentation: Retrieve selected fields from a search | Elasticsearch Guide [8.7] | Elastic
Increasing that number will have a large effect on performance, both for Kibana and Elasticsearch. I would suggest looking at your index and your data modelling to avoid having too many fields.

  1. can I know which log line causing this issue ?

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